4931 N McCarty St,
Houston, TX 77013
Operation Hour
Mon - Fri: 7AM - 6PM
Sat: 7:30AM - 4:30PM. Sun: Closed
Phone Number
713 675 2435

TTM Diesel Solution is established to become a solution to high priced and low-quality diesel engines. We are here as your protracted partner for diesel engines and equipment to help with any struggle you may have.

Here at TTM Diesel we thoroughly inspect our engines. Every engine we process has steps in place in order to consider it a tested and inspected, core Engine or rebuilt engine assembly. All our rebuilt engines are ran for over 5 hours in the break in process. We inspect for performance of engine, any kind of leaks, blow by, oil pressure and we make sure the engine reaches proper operating temperature during break in process. We offer tested and inspected, bearing and sealed and rebuildable cores. Our bearing and sealed engines come with new mains and rods, front main seal, rear main seal and oil pan gaskets replaced. Tested and inspected are checked for leaks and performance of engine. We also offer new and used parts for Diesel engines as well as cooling, body parts, accessories and rebuild kits. All our engines sold come with warranty. Give us a call and allow us to help you get back on the road!

At TTM Diesel Solution, we have a wide variety of diesel engines and hardware which is tailored to satisfy your needs.